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Is Ph.D. a Mandatory qualification for the appointment of Assistant Professors in India?

As per the press release Highlights of Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers in Universities and Colleges and Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education” by the Government of India, dated June 13th, 2018, Ph.D. was made as a mandatory qualification for the recruitment of Assistant professors in University from 1st of July 2021.

It should be noted that a doctorate has been made compulsory only for the recruitment of Assistant Professors in Indian Universities. This means that the National Eligibility Test along with Post Graduation continues to be the minimum requirement for direct recruitment for Assistant Professors in Colleges. However, for further promotion, even a college Assistant Professor will be required to obtain a Ph.D.

However, anyone who is looking forward to a future as an academician should surely go for a Ph.D. degree. As the degree would-

1.) Make an addition to the knowledge base of the individual

2.) It will help them hone their research skills

3.) The degree would add gravity to their candidature

4.) Help them attract better job opportunities.

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