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How to Get Started with Your Ph.D. Journey- Part III

How to get a Ph.D. Fellowship

Fellowships are scholarships/stipends/grants/payouts given to selected candidates for pursuing their Ph.D. from a recognized institution/university. Thus, for the entire tenure of the doctoral program, a scholar gets a monthly stipend usually at the rate of Rs. 31,000/ per month for the first two years, when he/she is designated as JRF- Junior Research Fellow. A performing scholar is then promoted to a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) for the next three years and is entitled to a stipend of Rs. 35000/- per month. (Rs. 31000/- and 35000/- are the current fellowship stipend as fixed by UGC and majority fellowships offer these amounts only as stipends. However there are a few fellowships who give a little more/ less than the above prescribed stipend.) Apart from the monthly stipend, a fellow is also entitled to an annual contingency payout, HRA, and some other benefits.

Though a scholar can become entitled to fellowship based on their score of an eligibility exam like NET-JRF, CSIR-JRF, GATE, GPAT, etc, however, they can only avail the fellowship once they have got admitted to a Ph.D. program. (To know more about JRF /SRF read our blog - All you want to know about research fellows in India: The JRF and SRF Saga).

There are a few fellowship schemes that do not require the students to take any eligibility examination and are granted solely based on a student’s current qualifications and credentials, Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) is one such fellowship granted by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Eligibility, Examinations, and Fellowships are vital components of a scholar's Ph.D. program. A thorough knowledge about the same can ensure that a student takes an informed and correct decision regarding their future course of the Ph.D. journey. To know more about how to get started with your Ph.D. journey in India you can contact Zenith Ph.D. Training & Consultancy at 9821101125 or email us on contact

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