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How to Get Started with Your Ph.D. Journey in India- Part I

The Minimum Eligibility to Enroll in a Ph.D. Program

To enroll in a Ph.D. program in India a student should meet the minimum eligibility criterion as prescribed by University Grants Commission (UGC). For example, as per the UGC Ph.D. regulations, the general category of students can only pursue a doctoral program if they have at least 55% marks (or equivalent CGPA) in their post-graduation. Further, a student can pursue their Ph.D. in the same or a subject related to their post-graduation course only.

Although post-graduation is the required qualification for pursuing a Ph.D. in most courses, the recent New Education Policy had made some relaxation. As per the NEP 2020, professional graduates like B.Tech can also pursue a Ph.D., provided they meet the stipulated conditions of the admitting institutions.

University Grants Commission Ph.D. Regulations have given an exemption of 5% to certain categories of candidates. That is these students can get enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Indian universities/institutions even with 50% marks or equivalent CGPA.

Educational Institutes in India have been given the autonomy to prescribe their minimum eligibility criteria as long as it is equivalent to or more in stringency than that of UGC. For example, most of the Institutions of National Importance like IIT, IIIT, IIM, have kept their minimum eligibility requirement above 60% instead of UGC 55%.

Many universities, besides the marks and qualification requirement, also necessitate the students to qualify for an entrance examination. This examination could be organized by the institutions themselves or it could be one of the eligibility examinations conducted by a recognized authority in India. To know more about the Ph.D. eligibility exams please read the Part II of this blog- Eligibility Exams for Ph.D. in India.

Eligibility, Examinations, and Fellowships are vital components of a

scholar's Ph.D. program. A thorough knowledge about the same can ensure that a student takes an informed and correct decision regarding their future course of the Ph.D. journey.

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