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Customized & Personalized Consultancy both for PhD Aspirants  and Educational Institutions

The number of doctoral candidates in a country symbolizes the growth of a nation. The research work done by the Phd graduates adds to the intellectual capital of a country.
Owing to the significance of this degree, the Ministry of Education has laid stringent guidelines for both awarding and pursuing a Phd The multiple regulations add to the complexity because of which universities and students often find themselves at crossroads while deciding to set up/ pursue a doctoral program. Zenith Phd Training & Consultancy provides one-to-one consultancy to educational institutions and students to help them understand these complexities and find solutions as per their individual needs and objectives.




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 What makes the Customized Consultancy Special?

  • Inclusion of even the most recent regulations and amendments by UGC and the New Education Policy. 

  • Benchmarking the university PhD regulations to any two other universities as per choice. and formulating the PhD process for the university concerned as per their demand and needs

  • Competitor Mapping with all private universities within the same city/state. 

  • Training and explaining to the concerned university department of the current UGC PhD regulations and guidelines. Once the new guidelines of the university are prepared the faculty members will be trained and explained the new guidelines as well

  • Fellowships a comprehensive overview of the most popular research fellowship schemes by the Ministry of Education including NET-JRF, GATE, INSPIRE, CSIR-NET JRF.

  • For more information download the brochure from the link below.

PERSONALIZED CONSULTANCY -                                                           DOCTORAL ASPIRANTS


What’s makes our Personalized Consultancy for Ph.D. Aspirants Special?

  • The personalized consultancy will be completely based on your individual needs and requirements.

  • We can give you in-depth information about everything related to Ph.D. in India, you name it and we will deliver it.

  • Up to date and in-depth information about UGC Ph.D. regulations, Ministry of Education Fellowships, Eligibility Exams, Universities and Institutions of National Importance, Ph.D. regulations, and student’s eligibility requirements of each.

Consultancy Outcome

  • The Ph.D. aspirant post-session with have an in-depth and all-round understanding of the issue in which the consultancy is sought.

  • The session will bring in more clarity on the concerned subject which will enable the Ph.D. aspirant to take the right decision about their future.

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