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Logo Zenith Ph.D.  Training & Consultancy Dr. Ritika Gauba Founder & CEO


Vision –  To be a one-stop solution for all Ph.D. fellowships, exams, regulations-related queries/ problems/ doubts for both institutions & students in India.

Mission - Zenith aims to be a one-point solution for all Ph.D. entrance dilemmas of students across the globe.

About Us: About Me

Our Objectives 

  1. To impart a relevant and in-depth knowledge of the Ph.D. regulations to institutions, faculty members, and students as per their needs and purpose.

  2. To provide complete training or/and guidance in setting up OR restructuring the Ph.D. Program as per the latest UGC regulations.

  3. To provide complete training or/and guidance to the students to help them make informed and apt Ph.D. program choices.

What Makes Us unique
i. In-depth knowledge of Ph.D. UGC regulations have to be mandatorily followed by all the institutions in India imparting a Ph.D. degree.
ii. Record of more than 500 universities private central, deemed and state across India.
iii. Comprehensive understanding and repository of the PhD regulations of more than a hundred institutes of national repute including IIM, IIT, IIIT, NIT, IISC, IISER across India.
iv. Acquaintance of the norms issued by New Education Policy 2020 for Ph.D & Higher Educational
v. Complete knowledge of various doctoral fellowships available for students seeking a Ph.D.
admission in India.
vi. Well versed with even the most minute and recent amendment to the PhD regulations and Policy.

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