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“Don’t ask which is the best university to pursue a PhD , Instead ask WHICH UNIVERSITY WILL BE BEST FOR ME to pursue a Ph.D.”

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One & Only PHD Mentor, Guide & Advisor Dr. Ritika Gauba

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One to One Mentorship

Customized & personalized guidance provided to individual PhD aspirants.

Teacher Training

group training teachers about the process of PhD, UGC regulations , types of fellowships, eligibility examinations and other in depth information about different aspects of PhD & research.

Institue & University Consultation

Offering Consultation to academic institutions to design or restructure their Ph.D. program as per NEP & UGC policies.

Corporate Training

Consult & educate working professionals & corporate houses about PhD & how research can enable the development of corporate & its employees.

Career Guidance for higher education

Unsure whether higher education is the best career choice for you or not? Take this session with Dr Ritika Gauba and get answers to all your questions & clear all your doubts.

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our Flagship service

One to One Phd admission Mentoring Guidance for Individual PhD Aspirants


The 6 mentoring sessions

These sessions are designed to cover all pertinent aspects of your PhD admission journey . From what PhD , to SOP, Research Topic selection, Research Proposal preparation, suggestions for universities & viva preparation everything is covered under these 6 sessions.


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We let our work do the talking !!! Read & watch what our students have to say about us & also see the success stories of our students.


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Empowering you with genuine well researched PhD knowledge

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Raavika Enterprises LLP (RELP) a company dedicating to resolving PhD queries & educating people about this highest education degree, is the brain child of Dr. Ritika Gauba.

  • First & only consultancy in the area of PhD education.
  • Personalized & customized guidance session
  • In Depth knowledge & understanding of PhD regulations, Processes , Exams , fellowships – both India & abroad.
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what our Students say
about our mentoring & guidance ?

Being a corporate veteran for more than 16 years and then planning for a PhD definitely had a lot of questions and apprehensions in my mind. I took one session with Dr. Ritika and my head became so clear and focused on what and how I should be doing. No exaggeration, but I was really amazed by her knowledge in the field, especially the options one can pursue given their background and interests. I never knew there are so many great options to pursue PhD in our country from prestigious institutions spread across. I would any day recommend her consultation to aspiring scholars for a clearer and focused approach. Good work and wishing you all the luck ZPTC!

TANMAY GUPTA General Manager , Advanced Analytics
Philips Healthcare

“Dr. Ritika patiently listened to all my queries and clarified them. She made the session very useful to me by sharing only relevant information after understanding my requirements. She helped in getting clarity on what a PhD program is and how to approach it. As I'm working, she scheduled sessions at my convenience. I would have taken years to find out what she explained in few sessions to me.”

AKSHATA KR Assistant Vice President
Comm. Banking Coverage(CBG), -Private Bank

My experience with ZPTC is excellent. I get to know about various new opportunities. Zenith madam gives a clear cut explanations about all those. I will strongly recommend ZPTC to anyone who is aspiring to pursue PhD.”

NANDA KRISHNAN S Systems Engineer

“It was an amazing session with mam, got answers and clarifications of my queries With very clear insights. Mam is very knowledgeable which was quite visible during the session. Throughout the call she had added all factual based assistance and support. She is an excellent listener and a true mentor. She is very humble and made me feel comfortable throughout the call. Thanks for your support”

NAMRATA CHAKRABORTY Clinical Dietitian and Habit Coach

“Zenith PhD Training & Consultancy is an excellent platform for guiding and mentoring students aspiring to start their research journey. It could be the best choice for starting your PhD endeavour. I would like to mention specially about Dr. Ritika Gauba. She is highly informed and committed to helping. I would totally recommend aspiring PhD students to go for a session with Dr. Gauba.

ANUBHAB SARKAR M.Sc. Trinity College,- Dublin Ireland- Europe

“At Sea, as the Light House directs the ships to reach its destination through safe water, like is ZPTC to the PhD aspirants. Dr. Ritika mam is a subject matter expert and so professional that she interacts and understands individuals' knowledge level, experience and subject of interest and guides them through the right path. All in all, i am so impressed with the service and consultancy provided by the Zenith PhD Training and Consultancy. I am also happy that they are contributing towards nation building by inspiring and guiding the individuals to pursue research.”

FEROZ BABU Ex- Servicemen & Senior Consultant

“A PhD aspirant, working to get enrolled after a break of 15 years from academics, I couldn’t have even thought of working towards my dream had I not had Dr. Ritika Gauba as my guide and mentor. She fills me with confidence and makes me believe in my potential and every time I interact with her. Her clarity and research on my ways to achieve my goal are the pillars of my journey as a PhD aspirant. She understands my positions, requirements and aspirations and enlightens me with just the information I need to achieve my goal. Thank you so much Ma’am for helping me through this process and making me realise that any academic goal is achievable with dedication and sincerity. As your student, I hope to make you proud someday. Thank you so much !”

PIYASA MITRA Expert Information Developer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


Every PhD aspirant has different requirements & goals. Dr Ritika Gauba & team after understanding each individual student’s requirements, qualifications & future goals will provide them with one-to-one mentoring & guidance services. In total 6 different sessions are conducted covering every aspect of your PhD admission journey.

For more information about one-to-one mentoring & brochure visit One to One Monitoring.

Yes, preparation is required for applying in a PhD program. Majority universities & institutions ask for an SOP or Research Proposal along with your PhD application. You are also required to have some idea about the topic on which you propose to do a PhD. All these things require prior preparation.

PhD preparation requires time and commitment specially if you are planning to apply in one of the top-ranking institutes. However somewhere between 6 to 3 months is a good time to prepare for your PhD admission journey.

Yes. The speciality of these sessions is that they are one on one

After the first session the student decides how they want to span the sessions, depending on how soon they are able to finish the task allotted to them after each session. There are students who are comfortable with weekly sessions while there are others who prefer to take one session every two months. So, it totally depends on the aspirant's comfort.

They are conducted online over video conferencing. The link of the session is shared by us prior to the session.

Being one on one sessions. They are held at a time and day convenient to both the mentor & the mentee. 

You can watch our videos – Student Testimonials & also read some of the reviews.

To read more reviews you can also visit our Google Business page. 

As per UGC PhD regulations of 2022, working professionals are allowed to pursue a part time PhD in India. Yes, we will be able to guide you in fact majority of our students are working professionals aspiring to pursue a Part time PhD. Many of our working students have already secured admission in the part time PhD programme of IIM & IIT. See the success stories of ZPTC

You can reach us on WhatsApp on the number 9821101125 for further registrations details.

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